Flight and Barr

A New Book on the Flight and Barr Porcelain Factory

Image: The Museum of Royal Worcester

Worcester Flight and Barr Porcelain 1783-1840 by Charles Dawson

The Flight and Barr Factory was the leading English porcelain factory in the early 19th century, producing the finest English porcelain ever made.  The partnership of the Flight and Barr families managed the production of these wares for over 50 years. The porcelain was admired and purchased by British and foreign aristocracy and the professional classes. Today the factory wares remain and are revered by collectors around the world. The rich deep colours, fine moulding, superb painting, and beautiful gilding all demonstrate the superb quality of the output from the Flight & Barr factory.

Charles Dawson has written a book to tell the remarkable story of the Flight and Barr families, the factory, all the wares, the painters, the customers, and the manufacturing process. This is only the second book to tell the story. The first book by Henry Sandon was published in 1978.

This is also a glorious picture book showing the porcelain produced by the factory. I am sure that you will enjoy it.

The book is available to purchase, see the Buy Here page.

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